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Well, it appears Obama is finally pulling out all the stops.  He’s ordering all the troops out of Iraq.  Don’t misunderstand; I want every one of our troops home as much as anyone, and I’ve grieved for each one I’ve heard of or known that has been injured or killed, but this is the move of a FOOL!

When I first heard the news, my immediate thought was for Obama’s election polls and how, as is always the case, he’s thinking about his re-election bid.  He needs the votes from anyone and everyone, so why not sweeten the pot by bringing home our military from Iraq and play on the emotions of them and their families.  In his mind, of course these families would all be so grateful to have their loved ones home, they’ll check Obama’s name on the ballot come November, 2012.  And just where will our returning military work?  Only God knows.  I pray they’ll assist border agents in the south, but that’s another discussion.

However, I also believe there is an even more sinister reason he’s chosen this time over any other to return our troops home.  Qaddafi is now dead.  Bin Laden is now dead.  The American troops (and other nations) were the only detriment to the Taliban, Al Qaida, and any other Muslim leader and group in the Middle East, and there are many.  When our military leaves, they will leave a huge vacuum that the Iraqis cannot currently fill, and I seriously doubt that any British, French, or any other national armies will hang around without the U.S.

I also have a problem with our “fool-in-charge” announcing it to the entire world.  What he’s doing is telling the enemy, “The coast is clear.  Come on in!” while putting our other U.S. troops in neighboring countries like Afghanistan or Yemen in greater danger.  Even Marco Rubio can see what a huge mistake this is.  Yet, when I think about it, why wouldn’t Obama do this?  He’s the Muslim enemy within!  Without us there, these Muslim leaders will have free reign to set up their command centers in the open and plot against us at blazing speed.

No, I don’t, nor have I ever, expected our troops to be there endlessly, but bringing them home now and in this way is totally asinine to me.  I do think that while they’re there, they should bomb the daylights out of any slightly suspicious compound or cave and be done with it.  Am I sorry for any civilians who happen to get in the way?  Of course!  But THIS IS WAR and that happens. 

Wasn’t it U.S. civilians who went down with the towers and were on those planes?  Men, women AND children?  When that happened, when the Muslims carried out those plots against us, what were the “peaceful” Muslims in our own country doing?  The streets in Muslim communities throughout Michigan and other states were filled with supporters who cheered in celebration!!!  The “evil Satan”, as they chanted, took a mighty blow.

Yes, we have always been a compassionate nation who helped in times of despair.  The U.S. has been the 911 of the world for many years, and we’re called often, by many, in times of turmoil.  But I believe this so-called president is a big player in setting up our downfall as a nation, both through getting him re-elected, and in helping the enemy.  He’s a slick weasel who’s up to no good and I pray for Almighty God’s protection, guidance, and strength in spite of him.

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Comment by Debbie Myers on October 22, 2011 at 11:00am
The troops are being withdrawn because the Iraqi government rejected the U.S. demand that occupying troops be given immunity from prosecution and civil liability (also called a Status Of Forces Agreement, or SOFA). The IPM told Obama "no deal, get out". Obama's full of shit and this is a spin to make him look good
Comment by Debe Lange on October 22, 2011 at 11:44am

Good job on the research, Debbie.  Keeping in mind this article I'm linking to is also from a "media" standpoint, if it's true, this article tells a whole lot about the situation and explains the foresight of President Bush before he left office.

Comment by Debbie Myers on October 24, 2011 at 6:12pm
Thanks Debe, I'll check out the entire article.
Comment by Keith Piper on October 26, 2011 at 1:10am
The move in Iraq could really come back to haunt Obama if the country falls apart and Iran moves in before the 2012 election. That is entirely possible.


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