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here's the truth about Rick Perry on the border. I find it ludicrous that Santorum would attack Perry for not doing all he could on the border when its the Federal government that is responsible for holding Perry back. Unless you live down here in Texas, you can't possibly know what its like to deal with the illegals. Talking the rhetoric doesn't get anything done. Perry at least has done a very decent job on the border

And another thing is all the other candidates are attacking Perry on the tuition for illegal children, I think that is a bunch of political game B.S.

The fact is we have millions of illegals in our country and a lot of em are here in Texas. Simply booting them out is just impossible. Put punishing the children of illegals for the parent's crime is wrong. People say well this is wrong because it just attracts the illegal immigrants to come here. That's more nonsense, because the solution is simple, YOU SECURE THE BORDER! You wouldn't have this magnet problem if you secure the border properly, which is what Perry has been trying to say.

That said, I'm disappointed that Perry didn't defend himself better tonight, he should have pointed this out.

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Comment by Debe Lange on September 23, 2011 at 11:51am

I'm not even in Texas, and illegal immigration is a huge issue for me.  Here in northern Wisconsin, we also have noticed the large stream of Mexican immigrants; most of which we know are illegal.  Although we know the number isn't even close to what Texas is experiencing, the impact they're having on our employment, housing, and medical facilities is astounding.  Too many employers here are unscrupulous enough to hire them for two main reasons: they work cheap and they don't require health insurance.  Then they salve their consciences by trying to justify that behavior by saying Americans wouldn't do those "menial" jobs anyway.

I do believe a fence all along the southern border would be helpful, but I also know that it wouldn't be effective enough.  There are large tunnels that even now circumvent the fence that is there.  I suggest we put armed guards there with two conditions: 1) Each would only have 100 yards to secure, and 2) They'd have instructions to 'shoot to kill' anything that comes over that fence or out of the tunnel. 

If you own a house, and some intruder tries breaking in, under the Constitution citizens have every right to protect their property from that intruder.  They're breaking in illegally which makes them a criminal.  The United States of America is our property.  Anyone breaching the property line is an intruder and doing it illegally.  That then makes them a criminal.  When a criminal knows there is an ACTIVE security system on someone's property, it is a deterrant to them.  They'll think twice before attempting a break-in.  I believe the same is true of illegal immigrants. 

To date, these intruders along our borders are brazen because they know the possibility of them getting through is great, and that even if they're caught, they'll simply be returned to their country.  It's worth the slight risk to them.  If they knew that even poking their head over our fence or peeking their face out of a tunnel could cause a new breathing hole to be inserted between their eyes, they would most definitely be deterred.  This one move would cut off the majority of drug trafficking into our country, open up the job market to American citizens, free up our doctors and nurses to treat our own citizens, cut much of the burden on law enforcement and the legal system (especially along our border states), and it would clean up our economy's money problems by repurposing our tax dollars or removing many of them altogether.

Yes, this country cares about and has a sympathetic heart toward those who are truly in need.  We have always been a nation of compassion.  However, when there are those who ILLEGALLY enter this country and circumvent our laws, they are criminals, and our compassion needs to end there.  That's precisely why they're known as "illegal" immigrants.  They are already breaking the law by simply being here.  Many statistics show the outrageous number of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, but society's thinking has become so complacent and tolerant that the results of those statistics have become the issue instead of the crime having been committed by crossing our border in the first place.

I'm truly tired of all the bleeding hearts who think it's America's job to feed the world and make everything better for everyone.  It's not!  Our military has fought throughout the ages for the freedom of the citizens of THIS country.  I'm sorry that the rest of the world isn't a republic, but each nation has made it's own decision concerning it's citizens, laws, and government.  If people aren't happy in their own country, and they don't feel they can make changes, they're welcome to come to the U.S. ... LEGALLY!  But once here, they need to leave their culture and language at home. 

Comment by Steve Souza on September 23, 2011 at 12:20pm
Debe's post. Ditto for me.
Comment by Jack Bauer on September 23, 2011 at 3:08pm
Debe, I agree with you, illegal immigrants shouldn't be given special privileges for breaking the laws of our country which we have worked to create. But again, you have to look at this law in context. Its not for Illegals themselves, but the children of illegals. The kids didn't do anything wrong when their parents brought them here, so we shouldn't exclude them from having the same education as regular citizens. This of course only applies to education and doesn't mean Illegals get the same benefits as Americans for everything.

I think this is where people get confused on this subject the most. It doesn't actually give them any special tuition rates like the other candidates are saying, it only makes them eligible to receive the same tuition rates that are already provided. In reality American citizens are eligible for the same exact tuition. I just read the bill transcript and it says the following, quote:

''An alien who is living in this country under a visa permitting permanent residence or who has applied to or has a petition pending with the Immigration and Naturalization Service to attain lawful status under federal immigration law has the same privilege of qualifying for resident status for tuition and fee purposes under this subchapter as has a citizen of the United States.

So notice how the student has to have also apply to become a citizen, something that is legal for the children of illegals to do, in order to receive this. So when Romney said this law allows illegals to get $100,000 off over four years when their are Americans getting nothing like that, that is a complete twist of the truth.
Comment by Debe Lange on September 23, 2011 at 10:25pm

Thanks for bring that to my attention, Jack.  I agree Romney lied or at the least, stretched the truth.  However, rather than just "applied to" or who "has a petition pending", I would say they aren't yet citizens because their citizenship hasn't yet been granted.  I also took note that applying for citizenship isn't a prerequisite to gaining tuition.  It says "living in this country under a visa permitting permanent residence OR who has applied ..."  Since that's the case and they're going to school under a "visa permitting permanent residence", I would then suggest that they apply for scholarships from corporations or personally find other means to attend school here, until they're granted citizenship.  A visa would suffice until then, or until they graduate and return to their own country.  I still don't believe their tuitions should be readily available until they're citizens.  The Muslims who flew the planes on 9/11 were schooled and trained in this country under the "visa" clause without any intention of becoming citizens.

Then too, often times, those tuitions and fees for books, etc. are only reduced to the student.  In actuality, colleges don't lose money because the difference is paid for by taxpayers and/or donors.  Colleges also have limits on their capacity to house students and on class sizes.  When illegal immigrants take those limited spots, they're preventing many of our own citizens from getting college educations at universities who would then contribute and invest a great deal to other American citizens, as well as around the world.  So while I partially agree with you, regardless of how these students got here, if they aren't citizens of this country as of yet, I don't believe they should have access to the benefits of American citizens either.

Thanks for your thoughts concerning my post.

Comment by Debbie Myers on October 3, 2011 at 1:16pm
It is time for America to take care of it's own citizens first. We can't continue to give aid to over 150 countries, provide for people here illegally and that includes the ones who rush here to have their child born on US soil. We are failing as a nation financially & it is time to put our own house in order before we are "foreclosed" on. If the Federal war on drugs ceased tomorrow, the Mexican government would be able to take their country back from the drug cartel & maybe some of the influx would stop on it's own. Too many of our countries youth are unemployed & cannot afford college. Their future is one of massive debt & uncertainity.


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