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Ron Paul Can Win Up Against Obama - Says Blue Republicans

So many people repeat everything our biased media tells us and I for one, am tired of the parroting. People that say Ron Pauls foreign policy is crazy, need to look at the active military donations he has received, more than all the other GOP combined & more then Obama. They are the ones "enforcing" current foreign policy - I think their opinion counts and it is disrespectful to suggest that people who support Ron Paul are either crazy or "cultists". That is so far from the truth.

Ron Paul has warned, for over 30 years, that our financial situation would be dire if we did not change our course. He predicted the housing bubble & pretty much every aspect of our failed economy. If he was the only one who seen it coming, or cared to speak the truth, then I see no other that has the integrity or wisdom to pull us out of it. I want someone who really knows their stuff - the fiancial crisis is our biggest threat!

The debates have been a circus and in many cases, embarrassing. The GOP flip-flop on the critical issues and voters flip on candidates, who are squirming to find the popular answers. I hear people saying they will vote for anybody but Obama - which means either they will lose to Obama or end up with the same thing we have now. Yes, I have listened & researched the other GOP, but as long as I have someone to vote for, that doesn't have a questionable record - they have my vote - Ron Paul is the only one with a clear, dedicated politcal history and voting record. I do not have to forgive him for his past or try to figure out if he is truly repentent. Ron Paul doesn't get upset or provide one liners to tough questions - he knows the answer. He is anti big government and war - he is the Champion of the Constitution & pro Liberty!

So why do people say that Ron Paul cannot win against Obama? I think he has a better chance than any other member of the GOP. Why? Because of the Blue Republicans! Democrats that are discouraged with Obama have left their party for a year to vote for Ron Paul - they won't vote for any other, except him. There is also the independent vote. What is going to happen, if Ron Paul is not the nominee and all of the anti-war democrats, liberals & uncommitted voters write in Ron Paul or vote for a 3rd party choice? Do you really believe that Republicans will prevail then? I can't say for sure what will happen, but I am sure that Ron Paul could very well beat Obama. My only worry would be that our voting system is tainted.

People who parrot the Ron Paul objections, without seeking the truth, are clearly ignorant to Ron Pauls true philosopy & I get tired of debating ignorance. Some Ron Paul objecters believe that the government needs to take care of us all, some just like the idea that we are constantly at war. Whatever your reason for objecting to Ron Paul, you must still give him the respect due when it comes to our financial demise. The "Super Committee" cannot cut 1.2 trillion dollars from governments growth over the next several years, yet Ron Paul can cut that much now, his first year in office!

I would like to share this article:

Anti-war Ron Paul attracting support from local left

LACONIA — Amid polling last week that showed Ron Paul running into the money in both Iowa and New Hampshire there were also signs that he was tapping support from an unexpected quarter — the  left-wing of the Democratic Party.

Lynn Rudmin Chong, former chair of the Belknap County Democratic Committee, has publicly endorsed Paul and said that "I have found other kindred souls." The Sanbornton resident said that she left the Democratic Party and changed her voter registration to "undeclared" in anticipation of  taking a Republican ballot in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential primary and casting her vote for Paul.

"He is the only one saying no more war," Chong said. She spent two days in Washington with the "Occupy DC" movement, where she said that she was encouraged to see so many young people holding signs supporting Paul.

"I would definitely call myself a progressive," said Will Hopkins of Belmont, who returned from a tour as infantryman in Iraq to become executive director of New Hampshire Peace Action, a group seeking to end foreign wars and cut defense budgets. "I supported Obama in 2008, but I'm supporting Ron Paul. That's where I'm putting my eggs this year," he said. "A lot of folks in the peace movement are taking a close look at Paul."

Signs that liberals and progressives were flirting with Paul appeared last spring, when Robin Koerner, a British national who founded "Watching America," which publishes foreign news about the United States in English, and blogs for the Huffington Post, described Paul as the "conservative champion of liberalism."  He coined the term "Blue Republican" to brand progressives for Paul, which was promptly promoted on Facebook, where his article was shared 11,000 times in less than a week. In July. Koerner posted  "If you love peace, become a 'Blue Republican' (Just for a Year)," telling progressives they do not have to like the GOP "to sign up as a Republican for a year to help make sure that the Republican primaries are won by the one representative who has always been for peace, has always voted against bailouts, and has always opposed the reach of government into your bedroom, your relationships and your person."

On their website  Blue Republicans describe themselves as "people who have never before thought of joining the Republican Party . . . who identify as Democrats or Independents and/or supported Obama in 2008."

Jim Forsythe of Strafford, the state senator from District 4 and chair of Paul's campaign in New Hampshire, said that he was aware of independent voters, both conservatives and liberals, either eying or backing Paul. He said that some some liberals and progressives share Paul's  opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, eagerness to reduce the defense budget at home and military footprint abroad, hostility to the Patriot Act and distrust of corporate power.

"I'm being pragmatic," said Chong, explaining that she would vote for Paul in the primary without showing her hand in the general election. However, she admitted "I am feeling way distanced from Obama."

Hopkins vowed to support Paul in the both the Republican primary and the general election. However, he said that if Paul loses the nomination to another Republican, he will throw his vote to a third party.

Polls conducted by Bloomberg News last week put Paul in second place behind Mitt Romney in both New Hampshire and Iowa with 17-percent and 19-percent respectively. Unlike several other GOP candidates — Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich — whose polling  numbers have waxed and waned, Paul has polled consistently, without, however, significantly expanding his support.

Another Bloomberg poll indicated that if Paul bolted the GOP to run as a third-party candidate, he would capture 18-percent of the vote, effectively throwing the election to Obama, who would top Romney with 44-percent to 32-percent. 

So, if many Republicans & many Democrats support Ron Paul, why couldn't he take Obama? I think he has the best chance of doing just that.

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