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George E. Curry: Our Future Looks Brighter From This Side of the Aisle


     Leaving my office, I picked up a free copy of the Washington Informer.  An old propaganda arm of the city's entrenched Democrat establishment, I have marveled over the years at the outright bigotry, prejudice and hatred professed in this piece of antiquated publishing.  With a circulation of 50,000 weekly, such a publication has fallen from the best practice of free market enterprise and pimps itself through alternative statist supports.  Indeed, such forms of media, easily found in major Urban areas, depict only the most Heavenly visions of city's socialist elite and the Hellish views of all other threats.  Yes, Mr. and Ms. St. Louis, you won't find an article written by Sarah Palin, Condolezza Rice or Larry Elders.  I suppose doing so would only corrupt a pure form of racial antagonism.  You say I'm a bit far reaching then, look at the Walt Carr cartoon and determine how far off the wagon and into the cabbage I have fallen.  Chris Plant says, "If liberals did not have double standards then, they would have no standards at all!"  Anyhow, your Exceptional Conservative perused the weekly beast for nuggets of motivation and the potential hope of journalism.  I found motivation.  George E. Curry is offended.  Curry is a journalist, keynote speaker, moderator and media coach.  He is offended that the Grand Ol' Party (GOP) Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has deemed Afro-Americans "brainwashed" because of our unconscionable, overwhelming and ineffectual commitment to the Democrat Party and its candidates.  Mr. Curry points to the NAACP as a reputable organization to fully measure the civil rights record of the Republican Party.  This reference does not include the fact that the NAACP's first Director of Publicity and Research was Marxist activist Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois or that the organization was in business 55 years directing the public and political policies of "Colored" people before finding it's first "colored" executive director.  Curry, after a flourishing attempt at persuasion--not to be confused with indoctrination--makes the passionless supposition:


Any African-American supporting a party with such an anti-Black record must be, in Cain’s words, brainwashed.


If only, accurate historical analysis could catch up with revisionist history.  When truthful doctrines can not be evidenced, it is always good to revise history and then, demonize those that "know better".  This is the market of Progressive intelligentsia.  They (def. anyone that misidentifies race for culture and assumes race as an identifier of heritage worthiness, approved familial traits or acceptable political solidarity) will deny anything that does not fit their coveted totalitarian construct.  They will not acknowledge that the sons and daughters of those that "took off their slippers and put on their marching boots" to travel from Birmingham, AL to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC are becoming more and more conservative.  Younger African American voters have been edging away from the Democratic Party in recent years.  David Bositis of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies notes "a fairly long-term pattern of decreasing identification with the Democrats by younger African Americans."  Curry and his ilk, either in fear of losing mind control over a large swath of humanity or the inability to admit that taking results only in want and that giving results in prosperity, disallow the ultimate truth:


Many scientists now believe that “race” has no scientific basis whatsoever. One important reason is that all modern humans appear to have originated in Africa, which means that all humans have the same ancestors. Another is that so-called racial characteristics aren't clearcut — you'll find almost every imaginable combination of skin color, facial features, and so on. In all, there is only one human race.


So for all that hang on to their racist rhetoric, bigoted suppositions and hatred of diverse thought and political allegiance within the "Colored People's" community, I say this, "America, Our Future Looks Brighter From This Side of the Aisle."


     You probably wonder which Side of the Aisle am I referring.  Well the side of the aisle that I am referring to believes that Our Creator endowed us with unalienable Rights.  It also believes that Governments are instituted amongst Men and not Men instituted amongst Governments.  The aisle I refer to cedes that the Original Bill of Rights was sufficient in providing equal opportunity to all men to achieve without promise or surety of equivalent outcome.  The aisle I refer to believes that the individual can rely upon His Creator for sustenance, guidance and protection.  When either is at risk, he can call upon his neighbors, as the Hand of God, to voluntarily secure his resource.  I refer to the side that believes the free market is the best repudiator of prejudice and discrimination.  If left alone, men and women will form businesses to supply the needs of the many and employ all that need work.  I belong to the aisle that believes government is meant to serve and is neither the hand of inheritance or the seat of the sacred.  On this aisle, we believe that free will must be honored on Heaven and on Earth and that the state must make laws that promote liberty and freedom.  As well, all are equally subject to the rule of law and that all must reject the rule of men.  On my side, there is no nobility to honor.  We are all able to achieve great success because we pursue with fervor life, liberty and personal property.  When government fails to oblige its Creator, it is the right of men to abolish and alter that which is destructive and lay down the foundations of a government that will adhere to the voice of the governed.  Culture consists of beliefs, heritage, and the like — an ideal thing.  There is not an allegiance to race, political party, color, caste, income or other mundane demographics.  Principles are the subject and liberty the object.  For this reason, you will not find gobs of trash on the Lincoln Memorial after an event hosted by cultural leaders.  In fact, the Conservative side of the aisle is the culture to whom I belong.


     What's on the other side of the aisle?  A society is an organized group of people — a physical thing.  Built on in-cohesive strategies interconnected only at lines of highlighted variances, people partner at specific times, for specific things and specific outcomes.  A tribal kinda thing.  In this society, the poor hate the rich, the employees despise the fact that God gave owners skills and ideas to create business, men despise women and women despise men, Christians are despised and Muslims promoted and Colored People are promised access and retribution in exchange for their electoral allegiance.  Often in the Progressive Society, the "Colored Peoples" are slighted of access and prosperity because the "Talented Tenth" abscond with the fruits of the corporate labor and the "Colored Peoples" that remain are asked by their leaders to stay in allegiance for the good of the race, are promised more "Hope and Change" and spend the remainder of their efforts coalescing the troops through intimidation, fear and acceptable forms of violence.  This is insured by the Black Press and George Curry that print and televise myth and revisionist historyHerman Cain grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with loving parents and little else. His father worked three jobs—as a janitor, a barber and a chauffeur—and his mother was a domestic worker. Even though these jobs required hard work and little glamour, his parents knew this life was better than the dirt farms upon which they grew up. They also knew that this hard work was the key to achieving their American Dreams.  The Cultural thinker will say that, despite humble beginnings, Cain's parents practiced the principles of dedication and devotion and their son profited then and now.  The Society will blame the geography, the race, the revisionist history, his DNA, the fact that the farm's dirt was not EPA approved as the reasons why any should give up and all should be entitled by the successful for equitable retribution.  Cain did not go an Apology Tour.  He produced and achieved.  The spoils are his to plunder and disperse at his will.  Life is not perfect and no amount of government intervention will ever perfect us.  Choosing culture over society is essential to prosperity of the Nation and that Nation includes us.


     What of the 17 year old boy from the South that is told by a white person recruiting Democrats that his race of people must always vote Democrat?  Whose principles will allow him to overcome, claim victory and conquer the status quo.  It was not the Societal but the Cultural.  Shakeal Moore, County Director of the Frederick Douglas Foundation of Edgecomb, NC, chose, at age 17, to follow his conservative heritage.  Yes, his beliefs aligned with the Faith he learned from his Worship and Biblical studies.  He did not allow his mindset to be covered with a lack of forgiveness, inconsolable rage and bitter hatred.  He focused on what is best based on his values.  He forgave the man and moved on.  You see George Curry, real Hope and Change is not a bumper sticker.  It is a way of life.  It is not easily confused with religion and cult.  It is based on foundational principles and Constitutional observance.  It is not built on heart in hand idealism but moral order, pragmatic prescription based on heritage and tradition.  When I look out over the horizon at a Shakeal Moore or just before me at Cain, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, I see a great future before us.  I see a Nation gaining its AAA rating back.  I see a Nation cutting spending, budgeting wisely and resisting the progressive tax system.  I see a Nation that is not ashamed of the good news of conservatism for its the very message, unaltered or watered down, that they get on Sunday morning.  I see a Nation that values Life so much so that they define it not an inconvenience to carry their pregnancies to term.  I see a Nation that values the neighbor as they value themselves.  While our Nation is planning to move back to conservatism, the progressives are panicking.  Will they lose their power? Control? Wealth?  Yes.  More importantly, however, the Progressive intelligentsia is losing the "War of Political Thought" amongst "Colored Peoples" to their enemy--the Conservatives.  They can only imagine what will happen to them once 90% of "Colored Peoples" come to themselves.

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