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This post was written about the time Obama was elected and I just came across it in one of my files and I think it is still relevant today. This comment was posted on a conservative site. Our country is now in a crisis and we are at the cross roads. Will this country go off the cliff into an abyss in which there is no return?





Free Speech?  (A repost from another site 2009)

Last night I decided to go to a liberal site and read the blogs and see what people were thinking and saying. I had been warned about some words. So, I decided to run a test. I used the words “socialism” and “terrorism” and “terrorists” and “Obama” but not in the same sentences. I now wish I had copied it.  There were people on that blog that night  insulting each other and smearing conservatives and Republicans, and were using bad language like the F word, and other words, but they were spelling the words out fully.

Now what I wrote was sensible and factual, but political, and not an insult to any one because it was not a reply to anyone. It was just my opinion. It posted with this, “This comment is in moderation“. It was soon deleted. None of the people’s filthy language or remarks about conservatives was removed. Now I believe free speech has a responsibility when it comes to hurting someone else, and also making false statements about events, but who makes the rules?

I was attacked so many times that I quit blogging for a long time. I was trying to find a site that allowed free speech, even though a person did not agree with me, we could have a civil discourse about a subject, because many times I am wrong.

What are we becoming when we are not allowed to speak out about our own opinions, or thoughts about our government? Will we also be censored for not agreeing with government about rights, freedoms, and free speech?

Socialism is sneaking into our lives in the middle of the night wearing silken slippers, and will be so quiet that we will not hear it coming. Later a Dictatorship will come in roaring like a lion. Has any one checked out the socialist nations around us and the dictatorships? People wanted “Hope and Change”. I am afraid they will be badly disappointed. We do not want or need this kind of a change, and where there is no hope. We do not want a country where there are no rights, or freedoms.

Will we have terrorists living in our country and as neighbors? Will the Civilian Corps that Obama wants be answerable only to Obama and the White House and his czars? Will we be under control and punished if we do not agree with the government that is in charge of our lives? Will we thrown in prison or murdered if we raise a voice in dissent. It is happening in other countries right now!

I am just wondering! 

PS: Things that I was predicting before Obama was elected are coming to pass. Can we turn it around in November 2012? 

April 2012.

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