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On The Brink of Ww3 - LaRouche Calls for Removal of Obama

Emergency Broadcast December 23rd, 2011 • 4:00 PM Thermonuclear war may breakout before the end of 2011. From LaRouche Update

As the world sits on the eve of the looming breakout of thermonuclear war and economic meltdown, Lyndon LaRouche made an emergency international broadcast, calling for immediate action to remove Barack Obama from office, by purely constitutional means, as the only act which can guarantee the avoidance of a global nuclear holocaust in the very near term.…


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Ron Paul Can Win Up Against Obama - Says Blue Republicans

So many people repeat everything our biased media tells us and I for one, am tired of the parroting. People that say Ron Pauls foreign policy is crazy, need to look at the active military donations he has received, more than all the other GOP combined & more then Obama. They are the ones "enforcing" current foreign policy - I think their opinion counts and it is disrespectful to suggest that people who support Ron Paul are either crazy or "cultists". That is so far from the…


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Heroes Proved

Heroes Proved by Oliver North…


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