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take back this country

i see many faces  in the pool of candidates, all saying the same thing.   one is saying it a little different.

he sounds a little more honest.  he seems a little more qualified.  not as a politician, but as a man who loves this country ,and will fight for what he believes.  he is tough. he is smart , and he know how to get things done, especially greating

jobs. he need no special   interest groups.  you can't buy him. you can't intimidate him .  he a diamond in the rough, and…


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no one laughs anymore, no one looks you in the eye. every one is scared , Leary, and uncertain.

i believe the current administration is responsible for this unnatural mind set.  it is much easy er to control the masses if they are fearful.   we have aloud our selves to be herded like cattle, some to be branded , and some to be slaughtered.

if i am being paranoid, so be it.  

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the man of 1000 lies

Mr Obama.

With all do respect ,which you do not deserve. You came to this country full of hate and resentment . Where you developed this hatred is not really important at this stage of events.... You began destroying America with the dreams of your father, which most of us could care less .....As time moved on you became more embolden, with your rhetoric, and your  disrespect of our constitution.   From what you have made clear, you hope to create an atmosphere of distrust for every…


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Where Do We Go From Here?

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh expressed dismay at what he termed his “naiveté”, for having gone along all these 25 years or so believing that the Republicans, as well as many putative Republican pundits, really wanted to fight against Democrats and fight in favor of the constitution and conservative values.  That’s not exactly, word for word what he said, but that’s the gist of it.  Now, he understands, that is not the case.  That’s a pretty telling…


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Sen. Harkin (D-Iowa) Warns of "Civil War"



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RINOs Run Interference For Democrats

Here’s an interesting piece from The Hill: Note that Bush is described as a “potential nominee” by his party. Ladies and gentlemen, is that our party?

Those familiar with my writing know that in the past I’ve proposed a party to replace the Republican…


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One Simple Question


 What is the purpose of the Republican Party?

The readers here are pretty bright people and as such, would know that to achieve anything, one needs a goal.  This is true in most people’s personal lives, as it is in business, in education, in military campaigns, in job-seeking – literally in any endeavor where achievement of an end is sought there has to be a goal.   If you lack a goal, where are you…


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Moderates Run The Show While 68% Of Republicans Are Conservatives

I’ve often called for the formation of a party to replace the GOP for reasons discussed many times, so for purposes of this discussion, I’ll omit them for the most part.

We’ve found ourselves, as conservatives, to be without a party, for all practical purposes. As I write, it’s getting worse. There’s a growing impatience and a growing sense among us that the GOP will not ever get us out of this mess. We’re looking for solutions and it's clear that the GOP leadership is not looking for…


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Why The Liberty Party?

Washington’s Character

It is December of 2012. Our nation, still the world’s greatest nation in terms of the way its people live, all respects considered, was built upon individual freedom as well as individual responsibility. Some of our legislators along the way in our history discovered that there was power and prestige in using their office to give people the fruits of another’s labor; they found that there was power and prestige in stacking courts with jurists who…


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Texarkana Freedom Rally: Update

The Freedom Rally in Texarkana was very inspirational. The purpose of the rally was to encourage conservative Christians to vote. I had to attend, being a volunteer Patriot media representative, and I am happy to report on the events:

At 1:38 p.m. I arrived and sat on the lawn across from the post office and watched as people started to trickle in. The Texarkana Post Office straddles the State Line between Texas and Arkansas. Because of it’s unique location, it doesn’t have an…


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Notes To Mitt On Winning The Election

Rush Limbaugh is always interesting and sometimes his lessons are a little lengthy. However, he gave a valuable, shorter one on his show a few days ago. He said not to take liberals literally. Citing the example of their constant claims that “the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes”, he said that liberals like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Ted Kennedy deflected criticism away from themselves and made themselves immune to that criticism by joining in the chorus saying “Yeah. That’s…


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Saline County AR conflicts - even Republicans need to reined in...

As a TEA Party Member, Believer, Identifier, etc…  I see a scandalous conflagration of philosophy this election cycle.  On the Left you have Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists and Progressives screaming for more taxes and money allocated to entitlements.  While the Right and the Republicans holding court with progressives, independents and conservatives are riding the tide of popularity with fiscal responsibility as a major theme.   Unless you are:

a) completely void of…


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December 31, 2012: The Day Obama Attacks the Poor

From The Desk of The Exceptional Conservative Show

     The Great Philosopher Confucius preached of governmental and personal morality, honorable social relationships, just living and sincerity.…


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Marco Rubio: a Constitutional Dilemma

My beef with a Rubio VP candidacy is that it creates a painful moral dilemma for those of us who respect the Constitution and who are determined to uphold its inviolability.

Like millions of other anti-Progressive, anti-Marxist, anti-"living constitution" voters, I am Conservative and, most importantly, an originalist.

That said, though the prospect of…


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The Barry-Holder Syndrome: A Defeated Generation Clings to the Religion of Party and Poverty


     It is written that Sun-Tzu once said, “Warfare is a great matter to a nation; it is the ground of death and of life it is the way of survival and destruction, and must be examined.”  Coming after the celebration of the High…


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Free Speech

This post was written about the time Obama was elected and I just came across it in one of my files and I think it is still relevant today. This comment was posted on a conservative site. Our country is now in a crisis and we are at the cross roads. Will this country go off the cliff into an abyss in which there is no return?





Free Speech?  (A repost from another site 2009)

Last night I decided to go to a liberal site and read the blogs and…


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Political and Social problems

I consider this a political and social problem affecting our country. Our culture is under attack and not only in Florida. Our political leaders are failing us, and this story may not have any place here, but I fear for the future of this country.  We need some strong leadership in this country, and not a Socialist and Marxist Dictatorship.  We need an American leader who believes in the Constitution, and rule of law, and all Americans, not just a select few.  I do not want to see civil…


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All Corruption Is Local: Placing Blinders On the Absurd



     What A Day!  You could easily draw the sword of the pen from its sheath to attack or defend a multitude of topics.  I could easily press my blade against the flesh of Governor Mitt Romney's inability to knock out his…


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