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Saturday At The Movies! Class Envy Tax Edition! (Hate Richie Rich)

The Front Page Crew, consisting of Alan Barton, Yaron Brook, and Terry Jones, pick apart some of the more egregious myths being put forward by the Obama Administration. Slightly more troubling than the Obama Administration's usage of the official White House web site for the shameless promotion of his own reelection campaign is the fact that there is a large number of people who are willing to allow themselves be swayed by this campaign of class envy. What does that say about the health of our society? The thought that Americans would fall for this appeal to our basest emotions, and using those feelings to generate a collective class envy and hatred is more scary to me than any foreign foe could ever become.

With spring already here, we have seen the return of the occupests. They have something planned for May 1, 2012. (Coincidentally, the Marxists in the Soviet Bloc held their celebrations of the Socialist assention on May 1st. It was called the May Day celebration. That the occupests would pick this day is of course no accident.)

Nick Gillespie discusses California's budgetary idiocy. Californians knew that this problem was happening, that they were flat broke, and then they elected Jerry Brown Governor anyhow. With him keeping his promise of spending even more and taxing even heavier to pay for what they could never hope to afford in the first place, how exactly has it worked out for California? The state has continued to lose businesses to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, etc. Who ever can afford to leave, is leaving, and those wonderful infrastructure jobs promised are nothing more than a money pit, sending large amounts of cash into the Pacific. Don't worry Californians, rolling black out season will be upon you soon. You will always be able to sweat in your heat.

A little known bill is working its way through congress now, which does further damage to that long forgotten concept known as due process, guaranteed as one of our rights by the Fifth Amendment to our Constitution. More IRS agents will be hired to strip us of our Fifth Amendment rights, about 3300 of them in total, so at least it is helping with the employment problem I suppose.

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Class envy works because people are not brought up with the correct ethics anymore. I was taught that you work hard and earn what you get in life. Not so anymore.

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