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Sarah Palin Talks to Hannity "I Might Run For President"

Sarah Plain drew an enthusiastic crowd today at the Iowa State Fair while saying she will make up her mind on running for President by September. There is one fact that all the other Republican candidates must face and Palin proved it again today. None of them can draw a crowd like she does and none of them can create excitement and enthusiasm like she does.

Even the political gurus admit that if she gets in the race everything changes. If you like her or not makes little difference. The fact is that she will be the "front runner" in everyone's mind if she gets in. It does not matter what the polls will say.

All you will have to do is watch the huge amounts of people she will draw at any location she chooses to show up at and the national media will flock to her as well. The rest of the field will quickly become upset with the amount of attention she will get.

She even said today that if she runs it won't be the type of campaign everyone is used to. She will do it on her terms and in her way. Some may say that is a mistake but that is how she has always run her campaigns and it has worked.

Frankly, she is the "toughest" character in the race. And remember this, the media will "try" to attack her again and again but the truth is they want her in the race and want her to be the nominee despite the fact they are scared to death she would beat Obama and become President. The media loves Sarah Palin even though she worries them so much more than any other candidate. She drives them crazy.

RightFace! thinks if she runs, she wins the Republican nomination. No matter what it will be 100 times more exciting and interesting with her in the race. Everyone else in the field is shaking in their boots right now.

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Sarah is 'energy'...not only is she personally energetic, but she understands the importance of the energy bound up in our natural resources. She tapped Alaska's energy and she can uncap the country's energy. RUN SARAH RUN!! "Cut the crap and balance!" I love it.

God bless, Sarah Palin 

If she gets in it will be fun for sure. I think people underestimate her level of support.

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