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John McCain Endorses Mitt Romney! Remember When? Mitt Romney Flip Flops in McCain TV Attack Ad

Today John McCain (our favorite RHINO) officially endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican Nomination. Is anyone surprised? They looked so good together today in New Hampshire...Oh, we forgot about this ad from the 2008 campaign where McCain blasted Romney. What does it mean when McCain attacked Romney so aggressively yet now he supports him? Politics as usual. Something has to change...and soon!

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Except for GOP Establishment types who support Romney, McCain's endorsement is utterly meaningless. To the discriminating conservatives among us, this RINO endorsement exposes Romney for the self-serving RINO he really is.

If I had been Romney I would have run away from a McCain endorsement as fast as I could! This video is very telling. People talk about Newt and flip flops...his are nothing compared to Romney. Newt is man enough to admit he was wrong in some cases. Romney does not.

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