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Good Riddance Olympia, Please Take Susan And Lisa With You!

So, Olympia has written an op ed in the Washington Post to let us a...  It seems as though damn it, we are just plainly too adamant in our views that our elected leaders cease and desist their destructive behavior when it comes to spending like idiots, trampling on the Constitution, and inflicting us with an ever increasing and growing federal behemoth.  Well, as it turns out, I have a retort for Senator Snowe.  Olympia, I am glad to see you go, and I hope to never read your name again.  Will you please consider calling your friends Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins and help them to reach the same conclusions about retiring.  The Republican Party and The United States of America are much better off without your sickening version of leadership, and we all would have been much better off without you.  You, for your entire career have been nothing short of an embarrassment and a bitter disappointment for the Party you claimed to represent, and found ways to stab the entire nation in the back on almost every issue of substance.  You represent what is wrong with our political system in almost every sense of the word, and may God himself have mercy upon your very soul.

Olympia it seems, did not like the fact that the rest of us Republicans did not just let her have her own way.  As it turns out however, the very best rebuttal for her rant which complained about the rest of us mean spirited Republicans who would just not give in already appeared in her own op ed.  Olympia makes this very true statement in her article, but then falls short of realizing the true nature of the point.  She also leaves out a very important historical fact while simultaneously displaying a staggering misunderstanding of our Constitutional Republic.

 During the Federal Convention of 1787, James Madison wrote in his Notes of Debates that “the use of the Senate is to consist in its proceedings with more coolness, with more system, and with more wisdom, than the popular branch.” Indeed, the Founding Fathers intended the Senate to serve as an institutional check that ensures all voices are heard and considered, because while our constitutional democracy is premised on majority rule, it is also grounded in a commitment to minority rights.

Here is what James Madison was referring to in that all important Federalist Paper of his. The House, which was the people's representation in federal affairs would be much more likely to be subject to the swaying opinions of the day. We have all witnessed in our lifetimes, public opinion shifting quickly based upon the ever changing national mood. This is why the House has always moved more quickly on almost every issue. The Senate, which originally was the representation of the individual States in federal affairs, was intended to be above that emotional constant sway. In other words, while the founding fathers felt it was important to allow us the opportunity to change the structure of our republic, should we notice that they did not get everything perfect with their second attempt at a viable government, they also realized that it would be best for all concerned to have some gridlock built into the system so that we would not fall prey to a politician with slick sounding empty platitudes being able to convince people that Hopety Change would be our best direction, if only on a very temporary basis. The gridlock that Olympia Snowe has complained about with such moronic passion may have been the very thing that staved off the destruction of our nation that has been so expertly sought by Barack Obama and his minions. What Snowe has missed of course is the Seventeenth Amendment, which gave the individual States representation away, and basically gave the whims of the people a second voice in the Legislative Branch. This one Amendment, perhaps more than any other action of our republic, has served to increase the scope and size of our Federal Behemoth. The Seventeenth Amendment, Ratified on April 8, 1913 changed our nation from being the Individual States which made up the United States to being the United States which happened to be comprised of individual states.

Back to Olympia, and why we should all be happy that she is gone, and should further hope that she stays gone. For years we have been calling her a rino. I wonder if this actually fits. I am wondering if I might be the actual rino. We conservatives have voted almost exclusively for the Republicans for some time. While we make up a good portion of the Party's base, we do not control it at all. The Party Leadership wants our votes, but never our voice. They are constantly apologizing for our antiquated views on limited government, fiscal sanity, beliefs in Constitutional Principles based on a literal rather than a fluid document. That 30% of American Voters with no Party Affiliation are more important to them than we are. Olympia Snowe stood as the very embodiment of that belief. Nobody cared much about what her actual views were, nor how she voted, so long as she kept the R after he name. As a result, Olympia cast the deciding vote which in reality saddled us with a Socialized Health Care scheme. While she was a no vote during the vote which made it a part of budget reconciliation, she did vote for cloture to end debate in the first place. So, in the most important vote of the last 100 years, Olympia Snowe voted with the Marxists. This stands as a direct contradiction to everything the Republican Party stands against. What difference, did it ever make that Olympia Snowe had an R after her name. She did that to us time and time again. During close votes, over and over, Olympia stabbed us all in the back.

The midterms of 2010, dearest Olympia, were a cease and desist order, filed on behalf of the American Voters, and served to the House and Senate, which demanded that you stop the march towards Communism. Gridlock, or more to the point, forcing our elected leaders to slow down and at least read the bills before them was the entire purpose of the system that James Madison, the guy who actually wrote the Constitution, touted as a good thing. So, dearest Olympia, take your toys and go home, we didn't really like playing with you anyhow. Start your new career as a contributor to MSNBC already. I am sure you will find a willing audience for your baloney there.

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There are so many RINO's in congress that it makes getting real change impossible. We would need years like 2010 every election for some time to make anything positive happen. Think about how in 2008 the Dems had 60 in the Senate. When has our side ever had that? What is wrong with the voters in this country?

Jon, I would agree that there are way too many liberals who have infected the GOP.  Unfortunately, they were recruited on purpose as an alternative to the, "sure loser," conservative voice in areas where our side mistakenly thought that we had no chance to defeat the Democrats.  This thinking was and is nonsense.  I do not however share your pessimism when it comes to our future.  We elected Ronald Reagan twice within my lifetime, and as a nation, we have that capacity to do so again. 

Yes, it is possible the country could elect someone great again like we did Reagan but the country is far different then when Reagan was elected. We have 50% of the people paying no income taxes and that makes a strong base for the liberals. Like Breitbart says, until we learn that we are at war with the liberals and start fighting back we won't change anything. Romney will be more of the same (like Bush) and it looks like he will win the nomination.

Jason, while it is true that we are nearing that all too important symbolic tipping point, I still have faith in my fellow American citizen, more so anyhow than in the politicians who get elected to office.  There are two reasons for this.  One, all people feel a desire to be necessary.  Nobody is truly happy being a ward of the state.  The Soviet Union had an atrocious suicide rate.  Depression, and consequently alcoholism were rampant in that worker's Utopia.  Secondly, Our crooked political leaders have done a masterful job of inflicting taxation upon us under a different name, that even a fellow as smart as yourself believes that half of our citizens pay nothing.  Taxes are implied in every single transaction in the form of special fees, compliance standards, excise charges etc.  Just because we have all been lied to for so long about the nature of the crap we pay, does not mean that it is not having a real economic impact.

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