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Leftists at their best are a curious lot, but those frothing and blathering while trying their best to defend Obama are…well…they’re just a sad lot. Their leader is threatened with exposure on all sides, and they are unable to handle it. Through the use of name calling they are trying to deny that which is glaringly obvious and is gaining a crescendoing resonance in the public square, i.e., Obama is a Marxist-Leninist. They might not like my saying it, and the media as a whole may not be honest enough to admit it–but that’s what he is, and more important, the Americanpeople are reaching that conclusion.

The depth of denial the supporters of Obama exhibit is astounding. Them defending their ideological delusion is tantamount to them trying to convince a sane person the sky is chartreuse or that there really is a man in the moon.

We do not have to make up things about this person, it’s all there for us to read and listen to.

As I’ve said before, the Clintons are cut from the same cloth as Obama, but they were smart enough to understand what the American people would and would not accept. But Obama is an arrogant thug–he believes that if he says it, that makes it so. The Tea Party came into being because of his “You’ll do as I say, I’ll do as I want, and you’ll like it” attitude. He did nothing to hide his contempt for free market capitalism. Quite the opposite, he doubled down against it.

I once referred to him as Pharaoh Tut-ahnk-rah-o-bama, and if he hadn’t behaved as such it is all but a given that he would have been untouchable. But his achilles’ heel is his unwarranted super ego. He pulled the greatest “get over” of all time, and he was going to make sure everyone knew just how smart and how superior he was. He forgot one thing, however. Americans have seen tyrannical despotism before. Our families fought it and many of us went to war against it. It’s not that he overlooked it, it’s that he overlooked what even the dumbest of his kind do not, and that is–all significant change in America begins at the dinner table.

The number of families that actually sit down to dinner together may have diminished over the years, but those that still do are the backbone of propriety regarding the conscience of America. He also overlooked that America has a large number of legal immigrants who lived under despotic tyrants. I have friends who survived communism by coming here, and these people are not about to sit passively by as Obama takes America down the path of failed European Socialism.

Admittedly, there are those who have relinquished their minds, and donated their beings to socialist agitprop offered as academic enlightenment–but there are many more who haven’t. For the most part, those who haven’t were content to go about their business until Obama decided he was supreme. If he possessed the wisdom of the old fox that instructed the young fox to take his time, he would be able to get all of the chickens instead of a couple.

His followers are now left with the reality that their leader has done the unforgivable–he has awakened the slumbering giant before he had accomplished all there was to accomplish. And what he has accomplished will be overturned and/or changed when a new administration takes office. That’s a bitter pill to swallow and they are handling it no better than he is.

Some of the most narrow-minded, single-focused leftists and leftist groups today are calling me names and trying to convince people I’m not telling the truth about Obama, but each time they attack me more people step up to defend what I am saying. Other conservatives exposing the true nature of his threat are experiencing the same thing. I can assure you that wasn’t always the case.

The bottom line is you can only push a people so far before they turn against the evil potentate. People of moral conscience turned against slavery, including those who had been slave owners. People of moral conscience turned against the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, and atrocities taking place in foreign lands. People of moral conscience realized abortion is murder, including the very people who had been involved in performing same.

So it is no surprise that people of moral conscience and love for their country are now coming to her defense. People are looking at those such as Rush Limbaugh, David Barton, Thomas Sowell, Ward Connerly, the late Andrew Breitbart, the warriors at WorldNetDaily, Erik Rush, Lloyd Marcus, myself and many others who are eviscerated in the public forum on a near daily basis, and saying, “If they are willing to fight so are we.”

That which gained Obama the opportunity for a Marxist-Leninist takeover, has been undermined by his incomparable hubris and condemnable narcissism and is causing his regime to unravel along with his emotional stability. He and his wife could have reigned successfully even though they would have been viewed as insulting and offensive. But, her arrogant overindulgence and his megalomanic narcissism has intensified and united the opposition against them to the point that even if he is reelected, there will be no easy days for them.

We are Americans and the one thing Americans will not abide is despotic tyranny, Leninism, or Erebusic evil to exist abroad or at home. Resistance to same is ingrained in our DNA. The Founders of our nation were people with a fundamental belief in God and the Spirit of God guided their actions. Standing against the evil of tyranny was fundamental to their belief. That fundamental belief guided them in the creation of this great nation and guided us to correct periods of injustice in our history. I have no reason to believe that same fundamental belief will not guide us in our resistance to the tyranny of Obama.

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